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Kraków Swoszowice

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Kraków Swoszowice

What is worth knowing about Kraków-Swoszowice?

Hardly anyone suspects that there is a spa district in Krakow. Swoszowice is located in the south of the city in the Wieliczka Foothills. It used to be a mining village where sulfur was mined for the production of gunpowder. However, the inhabitants of Kraków quickly discovered the healing power of sulfur and hid here, for example from the plague in the city, as early as in the 16th century. Apparently, they all came back cured. Today it is a health resort district, famous for its sulphide and hydrogen sulphide waters. The water was appreciated by Józef Dietl himself - the famous Austrian doctor. The sulfur content in the waters of Swoszowice is so high that it puts the spa in 5th place in the world (the ranking takes into account the sulfur content in water). There is also healing mud and peloid water. The climate of the district and a large amount of green areas also have a spa significance. Swoszowice is one of the most peaceful Polish health resorts, and located so close to a large city that you cannot get bored here.

How to get

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  • Krakow MDA - Krakow Swoszowice (MercBus -
  • Krakow Nowosądecka Street - Krakow Swoszowice MPK Bus No. 484 (
  • Krakow Łagiewniki - Krakow Swoszowice MPK bus no. 135 (
  • Krakow Borek Fałęcki - Krakow Swoszowice MPK bus no. 254 (


  • Krakow Główny - Krakow Swoszowice (
  • Zakopane - Nowy Targ - Rabka-Zdrój - Kraków Swoszowice (
What is worth seeing and experiencing

Swoszowice - Spa Park and surrounding green forests.

Kraków - the Old Town - a must-see district. abounds in monuments, including the Wawel and St. Mary's Church, museums and other interesting places.

Krakow - Kazimierz - the former Jewish district of the city, today one of the most fashionable in Krakow. In addition to monuments related to Jews, you can find here many atmospheric cafes.

Kraków - Podgórze - a district with an extremely interesting history, a former Jewish ghetto. It is worth visiting the Schindler's Factory Museum there.

Bielańsko-Tyniecki Landscape Park - these are the green lungs of Krakow. There you can find many quiet paths, walking and cycling. There is also a Zoo, Kościuszko Mound and Zakrzówek - a reservoir with the legendary Twardowski Rocks.

Global Education Park "Villages of the World" - is a great attraction for children, located just 10 km from the spa.

Tyniec - a town on the Vistula River (you can get there by boat from the Center) with a Benedictine abbey. It is worth going here for workshops, sightseeing or shopping of Benedictine medicinal products.

Wieliczka - Salt Mine entered on the UNESCO List and the Castle of Krakow Saltworks

Niepołomice - a village near Kraków on the edge of the Niepołomice Forest. They have a beautiful market square, castle and Astronomical Observatory.

Ojców National Park - located on the other side of Krakow, but it is worth going there to see the Jurassic landscapes, famous rocks, Castles called Eagles' Nests or beautiful caves.


It is worth delving into the history of Swoszowice. It is one of the oldest Polish health resorts. Due to the proximity of Krakow, many famous people were treated here, for example Julian Ursyn Niemcewicz and Hugo Kołłątaj. It is also worth taking advantage of the charms of treatment so close to a big city. You can find peace in Swoszowice, but a lot is happening in the Center!

Valuable advice
  • The warmest months are the most pleasant in Swoszowice. You can then take full advantage of the natural attractions, but winter also has its charms. Then there are much less people here. The proximity of Krakow means that additional attractions and cultural events can be found here all year round.
  • When planning a longer stay, it is worth getting a long-term ticket for public transport - Swoszowice has good connections with the rest of Krakow.
  • There is a lot going on in Krakow - it's worth checking the city's attractions and the calendar of cultural events when planning your stay.
  • Swoszowice is a health resort district of Krakow, so they have a very urban character. Nevertheless, for a visit to the spa, it is worth preparing comfortable clothes or shoes. There are many walking paths here, and among the recommended treatments are various physical activities. For walks you will need something for sun and rain. It is also worth taking Nordic walking sticks and something more elegant - after all, we are very close to the center of Krakow and all its attractions.
On the way to Swoszowice

Wieliczka salt mine

Salt mine in Bochnia
Passion sanctuary - Kalwaria Zebrzydowska

Benedictine abbey in Tyniec
Museum - Nadwiślański Ethnographic Park in Wygiełzów and Lipowiec Castle

Rabsztyn Castle and the Trail of the Eagles' Nests


Interesting places

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