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What is worth knowing about Krynica-Zdrój?

Krynica-Zdrój is the most famous Polish health resort. It is situated in the picturesque Kryniczanka Valley, among the Beskid Sądecki and the Low Beskids. The health resort has the advantages of a subalpine climate. They are distinguished by a large number of sunny days a year, although spring comes here two weeks later than in Krakow. The climate of Krynica and the surrounding nature have been attracting famous people here for years, such as Fredro, Konopnicka, Asnyk or Modrzejewska. There are a lot of patients here at any time of the year, because the city always has something to offer. Many attractions can be found in the center and outside of it. The beautiful promenade encourages slow walks around the city, and the modern Pump Room for water tasting. In winter, Krynica offers the possibility of practicing many sports, but there are also attractions for those who prefer to stay in the center and sip warm tea.

How to get

A public portal that helps when planning a trip:


  • Warsaw - Krakow - Nowy Sącz - Krynica-Zdrój (
  • Gorlice - Krynica (Voyager -
  • Krakow - Brzesko - Nowy Sącz - Krynica-Zdrój (Szwagropol -
  • Piwniczna Zdrój - Krynica-Zdrój (Rafatex -


  • Krakow - Tarnów - Nowy Sącz - Piwniczna Zdrój - Żegiestów-Zdrój - Muszyna-Zdrój - Krynica-Zdrój (

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On the way to Krynica-Zdrój

Goetz Palace in Brzesko - a historic palace surrounded by a beautiful park.

Czchów - a small town with a historic market layout and a restored tower and a dam.

Tropsztyn Castle in Wytrzyszczka - opened in July and August. Inside there is a cafe and a children's corner.

Tropie - Hermitage of the Holy Hermits Andrzej Świerad and Benedict and the historic church.

Roztoka - Brzeziny - Historic Młyńska Settlement. Here you can see the work of a historic mill.

Nowy Sącz with a historic market square, a Gothic Basilica and the ruins of a medieval castle. On the outskirts of the city, there is the Ethnographic Park with the Galician Town.

Nawojowa - Stadnicki Palace with a beautiful park.

Łabowa - wooden Orthodox Church of the Protection of the Mother of God.

Kamianna - Apiary "Barć" and the beekeeping open-air museum.

What is worth seeing and what to experience

Krynica-Zdrój - there is a lot to see in the city: the promenade, the Main Pump Room, the Nikifor Museum, the Old Spa House, the Mud Baths, the Concert Shell, the Nikifor Monument, the Spa Church, the Church of St. Antoni, the Toy Museum and much more.

Parkowa Mountain - the hill is located within the city limits and is accessed by routes from the promenade. At the top, you can take advantage of the various attractions and enjoy the views. We can also get there by cable car.

Jaworzyna Krynicka - the highest peak of the Jaworzyna Range, there are beautiful trails leading to it, and there are many attractions on the top and there is a beautiful view from there. You can also get here by cable car.

The Observation Tower in Słotwiny - is an unusual wooden structure 49.5 m high, to which paths lead among the treetops. There are no steep stairs or climbs here - it is a great attraction even for the elderly, disabled or families with young children.

Wooden Architecture Trail: Orthodox Church of St. James in Powroźnik (UNESCO), the Orthodox Church of St. Dmitri in Leluchów, Church of St. Of the Apostles Peter and Paul in Tylicz, the Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord in Krynica-Zdrój, the Church of St. Michael the Archangel in Dubno, Orthodox Church of St. John the Evangelist in Muszynka, the Orthodox Church of St. Luke the Evangelist in Jastrzębik, Orthodox Church of St. Dymitr in Złockie, the Orthodox Church of St. Dymitr in Szczawnik.

Tylicz - a village with urban buildings with a historic wooden church and an Orthodox church. It is worth visiting the Regional Museum and climbing the Tylicka Golgotha (observation tower), as well as tasting water from the Tylicz mineral springs and seeing mofets.

Muszyna-Zdrój - a town with historic buildings. It is called the City of Gardens, there are Sensory Gardens, Bible Gardens and a Magic Garden with recreational ponds.

Bardejov - a small but charming Slovak town just across the border.

Ski stations: Słotwiny, Jaworzyna Krynicka, Tylicz Ski, Master Ski, Dwa Doliny - Muszyna-Wierchomla


A lot is happening in Krynica all year round. It is worth coming here during various festivals, for example the Jan Kiepura Festival. In summer, concerts are held in nearby wooden churches as part of the "Music Enchanted in Wood" series. In Krynica, it is worth going to any artistic event, especially those organized in the Main Pump Room - they have a beautiful setting there. The city is alive in the evenings, there are many pubs and dance parties are often organized. It is also worth getting acquainted with the works of Nikifor - the famous primitive artist from Krynica.

Krynica-Zdrój health resort

The greatest treasure of Krynica are its mineral waters. These waters are sorrel alkaline and drinking them is the most popular treatment. The treatments also include baths, inhalations, wraps, physical therapy, massages, light therapy, kinesiotherapy and ultrasound therapy. Treatments are diverse and tailored to the needs of patients. Clean air and a lot of afforestation are also of great importance in the treatment. Doctors also often recommend walks in the forests of Krynica. In Krynica, diseases of the digestive system, urinary system, musculoskeletal system, nervous system, female diseases, diabetes, respiratory diseases and obesity are treated.

Valuable advice
  • Fans of winter sports, but also sleigh rides and feasts, will find their way here in winter, and those who prefer warmer months and, for example, hiking should come in summer or autumn.
  • A lot is happening here throughout the year, various festivals and events are held. The most famous is the August festival of Jan Kiepura, which will appeal to music fans. Then it is worth taking more elegant clothes with you. In September, businessmen, politicians and economists come to Krynica to attend the Economic Forum, already famous in Europe, accompanied by the Running Festival.
  • You must be prepared to go to the mountains, take trekking poles and good shoes - there are many beautiful trails here, recommended by the doctors themselves.
  • Krynica-Zdrój is a health resort surrounded by mountains. The city is surrounded by routes of varying difficulty, which are worth going. Then you have to remember about warmer and rain clothes - the weather likes to be capricious, and in winter prepare for low temperatures and snow, much more abundant than in other parts of Poland.


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