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Limba Spa Sanatorium

Limba Spa Sanatorium
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Sanatorium Limba is located in the central part of the Piwniczna Zdrój health resort, on the picturesque promontory of the Poprad river bend in the Beskid Sądecki mountains. The beautiful nature and the clean and unpolluted climate of the Poprad Landscape Park are conducive to relaxation and quick regeneration of the body. In the immediate vicinity there is the Spa Park and the Mineral Water Pump Room, and the border crossing to Slovakia is nearby.

The center consists of two two-story buildings A and B connected by a connector. The accommodation base of Sanatorium "Limba" has a total of 198 places. The facility offers double rooms as well as apartment rooms for 2,3,4 persons with full sanitary facilities. All rooms have a balcony. The sanatorium is adapted for the disabled. On the premises of the facility there are:

  • parking for passenger cars and coaches,
  • dining room with 160 consumer seats,
  • place for a barbecue and a bonfire,
  • sauna,
  • salt cave,
  • cafe-bar,

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