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Czarny Dunajec

Czarny Dunajec

What is worth knowing about Czarny Dunajec?

Czarny Dunajec with Piekielnik is one of the youngest Polish health resorts, but very interesting due to its location in the Podhale region. The mountain climate, peat peat deposits and the surrounding attractions make it an interesting alternative to the popular Tatra towns. It is close from here to the mountains, to Zakopane or the thermal baths. The commune is situated between the Tatra Mountains, Gorce and Beskid Żywiecki, on the Dunajec (Baltic basin) and Orawa (Black Sea basin). The European Water Department runs through the commune. The varied topography gives it a mountain climate and character. Also historically and culturally, Czarny Dunajec is associated with the Podhale and Podhale highlanders, which can be seen, for example, in the historic wooden buildings.

How to get

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  • Krakow - Czarny Dunajec - Zakopane (Szwagropol -
  • Krakow - Zakopane (MaxBus -
  • Krakow - Zakopane (Trans KOS
  • Krakow - Zakopane (Flixbus -


  • Kraków Główny - Sucha Beskidzka - Rabka-Zdrój - Nowy Targ - Zakopane (

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On the way to Czarny Dunajec

Rabka Zdrój - a health resort dedicated to children. There is the Rabkoland Amusement Park and the Museum of Highlanders and Zbójników.

Chabówka - a village with an open-air railway museum. Retro trains run from here occasionally.

Nowy Targ - a town in Podhale with the Church of St. Anna, a regional market and delicious ice cream!

Łopuszna - a village in Podhale with the House of Remembrance of Fr. Józef Tischner

Ludźmierz - the Sanctuary of Our Lady, Queen of Podhale

What is worth seeing and experiencing

Wooden buildings of Czarny Dunajec - typical, small-town Podhale architecture.

Bicycle Trail around the Tatra Mountains - it is a scenic bicycle route that runs through Czarny Dunajec and runs around the Tatra Mountains through Poland and Slovakia.

Oscypek Trail - includes several dozen shepherds' huts where you can learn about Podhale cheeses.

Chochołów - the Living Open-Air Museum of Regional Construction typical of Podhale, the Museum of the Chochołów Uprising.

Zakopane - is called the capital of the Tatra Mountains. Although it is said to be overrated, there is something for everyone here. There are numerous museums about the Tatra Mountains and Tatra culture, an interesting Nature Center, architectural and religious monuments, as well as a Ski Jump. It is also here that many events take place, which may be missing in Czarny Dunajec.

Tatra National Park - The park protects the most majestic mountains in Poland. Numerous trails of varying difficulty lead through the Tatra Mountains and it is here that the highest Polish peak - Rysy is located.

Babiogórski National Park - located in a similar distance from Czarny Dunajec as the Tatra Mountains. It protects the nature of Babia Góra and the highest peak of the Polish Beskids - Babia Góra.

Church of Our Lady of Częstochowa in Dzianisz - a wooden monument modeled on Gothic basilicas

Canoeing on the Czarny Dunajec - depending on the section of the river, they have different degrees of difficulty and always beautiful views

Nowy Targ - is the capital of Podhale, hides many monuments related to the culture of highlanders. Famous markets are organized here and you can eat here the best ice cream in the area.

Ludźmierz - the Sanctuary of Our Lady, Queen of Podhale.

Łopuszna - a village in Podhale with the House of Remembrance of Fr. Józef Tischner.

Church of Archangel Michael in Dębno - a gothic, wooden church entered on the UNESCO list.

Therms: Chochołowskie, Szaflary, Gorący Potok, Bukowina, Termy Bania in Białka Tatrzańska,

Tatralandia Amusement Park - an ideal place for adults and children.


It is worth delving into the culture of the Podhale highlanders, trying the cuisine served in many regional restaurants, as well as listening to highlander music or trying your hand at highland dances - workshops are conducted, among others at the Cultural Center in Nowy Targ. Many regional events take place at the Czarny Dunajec Community Center for Culture and Promotion. You must also take advantage of the thermal baths in the area and, of course, go to the mountains. From Czarny Dunajec it is close to the Tatra Mountains, Beskid Żywiecki, Gorce and Pieniny.

Czarny Dunajec health resort

The village obtained the status of spa protection only in 2016, therefore there are not many specialist treatment options yet, but there is peat used in mud treatments. Much attention is also paid to the health values of the climate and nature. Orthopedic and traumatic, rheumatological and gynecological diseases are to be treated here. In the nearby hotels and guesthouses you can already find SPA, where massages and various treatments are offered.

Valuable advice
  • Czarny Dunajec, compared to the surrounding towns, is not so crowded, but you have to take into account that a lot of tourists come to the Podhale and Tatra Mountains region at any time of the year. Winter is very popular, attracting fans of winter sports here, and summer, when walking in the mountains is pleasant. Throughout the year, crowds of tourists visit Zakopane and the surrounding thermal pools. It is good to remember that Czarny Dunajec itself is a quiet place, but a lot is happening in the surrounding cities - Nowy Targ and Zakopane.
  • In the Czarny Dunajec itself, there is no Sanatorium and medical treatments yet, but you can find interesting SPA centers in the vicinity.
  • There are no ATMs in small villages and local vendors usually do not accept card payments.
  • Podhale is a region where mountain conditions are to be expected. It is imperative to bring sports clothes and shoes suitable for the season. In winter, thermal underwear and good shoes will come in handy - a lot of snow can fall. It can be hot in summer, but you have to be prepared for sudden changes in the weather - cool and rain.


Interesting places

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Czarny Dunajec

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