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Kościuszko Mound

Kościuszko Mound
Kościuszko Mound
Kościuszko Mound
Kościuszko Mound
Kościuszko Mound
Kościuszko Mound
Kościuszko Mound
Kościuszko Mound
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It is situated on the St. Bronisława Kościuszko Mound is one of the five Krakow Mounds. Thanks to its interesting arrangement and many additional attractions, it is probably the best-known Mound in Kraków. The monument dedicated to the national hero, Tadeusz Kościuszko, began to be built three years after his death. During his lifetime, Kościuszko was strongly associated with the city, which is why the Cracovians decided to build something durable in his honor, difficult to destroy by the enemy. The inspiration was to be two mounds that have been standing in Krakow for many centuries - Krak and Wanda's Mound. The construction took 3 years and was largely done by volunteers - the mound was to be erected by Poles - patriots. The fort around the Mound was built by the Austrians in 1854. It was one of the elements of the plan to turn Krakow into a fortress.

The mound rises to 330.14 meters above sea level. Its height is 35.54 m and its diameter is 73.25. In addition to the path leading to the top and the viewpoint, the Mound includes the Kościuszko Museum, the gallery of wax figures "Poles on the way to freedom", an exhibition and conference center with temporary exhibitions and a cafe. It is also worth seeing the Fort surrounding the mound, in whose buildings the mentioned exhibitions are located. There is a car park next to the Fort itself, but you can also reach the mound on foot by following the forest paths of the Zwierzyniec district.

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ADDRESS: al. Washington 1, 30-204 Krakow

GPS: 50 ° 03'17.4 "N 19 ° 53'35.6" E


TELEPHONE: 012 425-11-16




Opening hours

daily 9:30 - 19:00


normal ticket - PLN 18, reduced-price ticket - PLN 14, family ticket (up to 4 people) - PLN 40 / person, family ticket (up to 6 people) - PLN 60, group ticket - PLN 14, price list: http: // kopieckosciuszki. en / price list-2 /


1-3 h

Distance from the center

10 km (Swoszowice Park Zdrojowy)

The nearest parking lot

Parking at the Kościuszko Mound, al. Washington 1, 30-204 Krakow

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