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Saint Nicholas Monument

Saint Nicholas Monument
Saint Nicholas Monument
Saint Nicholas Monument
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Rabka-Zdrój is the City of the Children of the World, which is why in 2004 a monument to the saint, especially loved by children, was erected here. In the health resort in Rabka, children recover and are under special care similar to that of Saint Nicholas.

The figure of St. Nicholas is located in the square in front of the historic railway station building. Rabka's monument is the image of a historical figure which was St. Nicholas - bishop of Mira in Asia Minor. The saint is depicted in a bishop's attire, with a miter on his head and a crosier in his hand, he stands on a globe with the cities of Rabka-Zdrój, Mira and Rovaniemi marked on it. Mira is a town located in today's Turkey, whose bishop was St. Nicholas, while Rovaniemi is a town in northern Finland that prides itself on the fact that St. Nicholas. The monument is accompanied by figures of children - a child sitting in front of the globe holds the coat of arms of the town of Rabka-Zdrój, and a girl in a highlander costume grabs the money poured by the saint. This performance is a reference to the legend according to which St. Mikołaj received a significant inheritance from his parents, which he generously shared with his neighbors. There are two more children next to the monument, one holds an inscription against violence in his hands, the other is riding a bicycle with an inscription encouraging to clean the world.

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