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The commune of Czarny Dunajec has a well-developed tourist infrastructure, however, the dynamic growth of tourism is a great challenge for the commune. The potential of cycling has not been used yet, some routes are not “closed” and there are no complete loops. In addition, it is necessary to improve the sports infrastructure. The challenge is to develop zone A of the spa protection area and to create an appropriate infrastructure. In part of the village, there are no local recreation zones, places for spending free time, and there is no area constituting a cultural and entertainment center. Additionally, there is a need to create additional facilities for visitors.

In addition, the modernization of municipal roads and the expansion of the local communication system is an important task for opening new investment and tourist areas. Activities in this field will allow the use of opportunities related to the attractive location of Czarny Dunajec to increase economic investment and the development of tourism. Activities related to the modernization and reconstruction of municipal roads and other communication routes are carried out. The development of bicycle and pedestrian routes, forming comprehensive loops is planned, the development and improvement of sports infrastructure is planned (modernization and construction of modern facilities for football and athletics groups at the stadium in Czarny Dunajec, a new sports center with football fields, a ski track in Podczerwon). Actions will be taken to develop zone A of the spa protection area and to create appropriate infrastructure - a planning study will be developed, the zone concept will be developed.

In addition, the commune intends to develop local recreation zones and create a cultural and entertainment center in the town of Czarny Dunajec. The main goals set by the commune in the tourism sector for the coming years:

  • construction of modern facilities in the town of Czarny Dunajec, intended for visiting by tourists - both in the area of culture and education,
  • creating zone A of the health resort (currently the health resort protection area),
  • creating modern facilities - exhibition, concert,
  • further expansion and enlargement of bicycle routes in the commune,
  • creating a cultural and entertainment center in Czarny Dunajec,
  • extension of subsequent sections of bicycle routes.

Part of the financing of these services will rest with the Commune. Moreover, the development of tourist information and promotion services is planned.

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