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According to the provisions of the Development Strategy for the City and the Health Resort Commune of Muszyna for 2013-2020, the development of tourism and leisure industry in this area (and the entire Sądecki subregion) should be based on the functioning of such an offer of spa and tourist products, which due to their unique features and original philosophy of operation will be eagerly chosen on the market. Achieving such a market advantage is a long and complicated process as it requires the involvement of many resources and means. The existence and proper functioning of tourist products, with the optimal use of the resources of the commune and its surroundings, will result in a socio-economic growth and will be manifested in an increase in the number of patients and tourists, an increase in income and the creation of new jobs or maintaining the existing ones. Each of these changes taking place on the local market should be manifested not only in the sphere of spa and tourist services, but also in other sectors, the existence of which is inextricably linked with the functioning of tourism. Achieving the goal of creating an integrated spa and tourist offer of the commune entails the necessity to take actions both in the field of creating new products and developing the existing ones, their modification and modernization in line with market trends and customer expectations, as well as in the field of construction, expansion and permanent improving the quality of infrastructure that guarantees effective and proper development of the health resort (spa complex).

The main assumption of the activities undertaken as part of the implementation of the above-mentioned The goal is to create a unique, i.e. marketable, product offer, which, based on values similar to those in other communes, will create new quality and added value, due to the fact that the method of using and selling the values will be original. Therefore, the key tasks include:

  • systematic study of the needs of recipients of the tourist and spa offer and the customer profile of tourist and spa services in Muszyna, customer and market segmentation,
  • creating and promoting local products - incl. organization of thematic routes in the form of tourist products (e.g. the Poprad Castle Trail, the Wine Trail),
  • organization of cyclical spa, tourist and cultural events with a recognized brand,
  • cooperation of local government units in the field of a coherent and homogeneous system of promotion, cooperation with private and non-governmental partners,
  • supporting the offer of leisure industries, in particular branded products and cultural events, including artistic and creative ones,
  • support for activities in the field of improving the quality of provided tourist and agritourism services and the development of human resources for the health resort economy,
  • support for the development and dissemination of "dying professions",
  • active and effective promotion of spa and tourist and recreational values as well as promotional support for the local offer of leisure industries, in particular spa products, tourist products and cultural events: ƒ promotional materials - catalogs, brochures, leaflets, maps, guides, promotional gadgets, ƒ tourist boards and information (general, by trails and paths, at spa and tourist facilities, etc.) - tourist visualization concepts, ƒ tourist information points, ƒ mobile information about the commune for devices such as tablets, smartphones, etc., participation in spa and tourist fairs, ƒ participation in the Malopolska Tourist Information System.


project name

Project description

Water recreation centers

Water park in Muszyna

Physical recreation centers


Sports and recreation square in Żegiestów, Muszyna commune. The project includes land development and equipping with sports and recreational equipment.

Viewing railway Mount Malnik

Gondola lift Zapopradzie - Mount Malnik

Viewing towers

The lookout tower on Mount Malnik. The investment combined with the Zapopradzie - Góra Malnik gondola lift project. At the same time, the design documentation for land development on Góra Malnik will be commissioned for the needs of the upper station of the cable car and the accompanying infrastructure, including the observation tower.

Expansion of the swimming pool


Construction of an indoor swimming pool. It is planned to expand the existing swimming pools in Muszyna by building indoor swimming pools together with the Wellness & Spa infrastructure.

Construction of a footbridge over the Poprad river


Zazamcze - Zapopradzie for a bicycle footbridge. Increasing access to the Zapoprada recreation area. It is planned to develop the area of the Muszyna health resort by building a pedestrian and bicycle bridge over the Poprad River, connecting the Zapopradzie district with the Zazamcze district, together with the development of the adjacent area.

Extension of walking paths


  1. and) Construction of a leisure and recreation promenade by the Szczawnik Stream along with land development.
  2. b) Construction of walking boulevards by the Muszynka stream.

It is planned to develop the space by the Muszynka stream in the town of Muszyna, by extending the existing bicycle path and pedestrian path, along with developing the adjacent area for recreational and tourist purposes, e.g. construction of a foot and bicycle bridge in Powroźnik.

Extension of bicycle paths


Modernization of the bicycle path (linkage, construction of lighting) on the section Pijalnia Anna-Zawodzie (border with the Krynica-Zdrój commune)

Construction of places for active recreation

Construction of water reservoirs on the Szczawnik stream along with land development. The design of water reservoirs on the Szczawnik stream along with land development assumes the construction of a reservoir to collect surface water flowing through the constructed dam on the Szczawnik stream in Złockie.

Extension of the spa park


Further expansion of the Zapopradzie Park in the Muszyna Spa. Expansion of the park with thematic gardens: Chinese, Greek, wicker, a lounge area.

Indoor ski slope

The project of an indoor ski slope assumes the construction of a modern and unique in the country center for all-year-round winter sports, as an increase in the tourist attractiveness of Muszyna.

Expansion of the amphitheater in the Zapoprada district

The modernization of the amphitheater is part of a wider project called Development of the spa potential of the Zapopradzie and Śródmieście districts.

Source: study based on data provided by the Muszyna-Zdrój Commune

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