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Słotwiński Park

Słotwiński Park
Słotwiński Park
Słotwiński Park
Słotwiński Park
Słotwiński Park
Słotwiński Park
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The Słotwiński Park covers an area of 6.7 h and the Kryniczanka stream flows through it.
In the 1930s, a part of the Słotwiński Park was separated for the needs of the deer zoo, which was frequently visited by Eng. Leon Nowotarski.
There is the oldest preserved building in the city - Pijalnia Słotwinka from 1806. The building originally stood on a promenade, constituting the first part of an indoor promenade, the so-called a chinese pagoda that was built over the main spring. In 1863 it was moved to its present location. The "Słotwinka" spring has the character of crevice waters, emerging from the bottom of the valley under low pressure. It heals chronic gastroenteritis, has antiallergic properties and helps to remove heavy metals from the body. Due to the calcium content, it strengthens the skeletal system, and due to the magnesium content, it relieves stress and excessive excitability. It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties.

In the vicinity of the Pump Room there is a Concert Restaurant from 1870. A wooden, open-work porch in the style of "Swiss" architecture, initially served as a concert pavilion at "Słotwinka". In 1989 it was converted into a restaurant.

In the center of Słotwiński Park, in place of the former circular flowerbed, a brine graduation tower was built in 2019. The graduation tower is a wooden structure filled with blackthorn, washed with flowing brine. The design serves as an inhaler for people who want to improve the condition of their respiratory tract and cure diseases such as hypertension or allergies.


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ul. Piłsudski at the entrance to Krynica-Zdrój



Distance from the center

1,5 km

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