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Baligówka peat bog

Baligówka peat bog
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Baligówka peat bog is one of the largest peat bogs in Europe, the area is protected under the Natura 2000 program. The bog is located in the Orawsko-Nowotarska Basin, between Czarny Dunajec and Piekielnik. Its history goes back 11,000 years. It was then that, after the glacier receded, the threshing feet and backwaters remained in the valley, which were gradually silted up by sediments carried by water and overgrown, to a large extent, with sphagnum moss, from which peat formed after it died. Until the 1950s, peat was mined here, which is why the size of the fen is much smaller than a few hundred years ago. Today it is forbidden, and we can enjoy the rich fauna and flora characteristic of peat bogs. There are many rare species here.

It is best to explore the peat bog on the educational path that starts at Bacówka Baligówka. The path is about 3 km. Specially prepared boards present the process of peat formation and the most interesting species of plants and animals. Note - take good footwear with you, the area is wet, especially if it rained a few days ago.

An interesting attraction right next to the path is the Educational Farm - Bacówka Baligówka. The hosts conduct classes on the history of pastoralism in Podhale, talk about the profession of shepherd and juhasa and show how oscypek is made. You can also buy regional cheeses there.

Podziel się z rodziną i przyjaciółmi


COMMUNE: Czarny Dunajec

ADDRESS: 34-470 Czarny Dunajec

DETAILS OF ACCESS: the beginning of the educational path is at the Bacówka by the road No. 957, about 4 km from Czarny Dunajec towards Piekielniki

GPS: 49 ° 42'97 "N 19 ° 87'4" E


PHONE: Bacówka Baligówka - 501 816 189


Opening hours

open 24 hours a day




2-3  h

Distance from the center

(Rynek in Czarny Dunajec): 4 km

The nearest parking lot

at Bacówka Baligówka - the beginning of the educational path

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