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Uście Gorlickie

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Uście Gorlickie

What is worth knowing about Uście Gorlickie?

Uście Gorlickie is a commune located in the south-western part of the Low Beskids, right next to the Slovak border. The village of Wysowa-Zdrój located there is a quiet health resort where you can relax and take advantage of the nearby attractions. Although the healing properties of the local waters were discovered several hundred years ago, it is still a very intimate place surrounded by gentle mountains, not yet controlled by tourists. You can find here little frequented, beautiful and interesting trails. The surrounding villages are often inhabited by a dozen or so inhabitants, and we have some here where no one lives anymore. In the clearings, you can find the remains of old huts inhabited by the Lemkos who once lived here. The community is enhanced by roadside chapels, stone crosses, old cemeteries and wooden Orthodox churches. The health resort will be perfect for those who are looking for tranquility, but also places with an interesting, undiscovered history. In the center of Wysowa-Zdrój there is a Spa Park with a pump room.

How to get

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  • Krynica - Gorlice (Voyager -
  • Gorlice - Wysowa (Voyager -
  • Warsaw - Dębica - Jasło - Gorlice (Miś -
  • Krosno - Klimkówka (Dromader -
  • Gorlice - Sękowa - Wapienne / Gładyszów (Libropol -

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On the way to Uście Gorlickie

Tarnów - a city with a Renaissance market, known as the Polish Heat Pole.

Tuchów - the baroque Basilica of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Stanislaus the Bishop and Martyr.

Ciężkowice - The Petrified City Reserve and the Natural History Museum.

Kąśna Dolna - Paderewski Manor with a Park and educational paths.

Bobowa - the European Center of Bobbin Lace, as well as the beautiful Synagogue and the Jewish cemetery.

Stróże - an apiary "Sądecki Bartnik" with an interactive exhibition.

Sękowa - the wooden church of St. Philip and St. Jakub (UNESCO and the Wooden Architecture Trail).

What is worth seeing and experiencing

Wysowa Zdrój - Park Zdrojowy and Pump Room, numerous walking paths in the precincts of Wysowa and trails in the Beskid Niski, St. Michael the Archangel.

Wooden Architecture Trail: Church of St. Philip and St. Jakub in Sękowa (UNESCO), the Church of the Protection of the Mother of God in Owczary (UNESCO), the Church of St. Paraskewy in Kwiatoń (UNESCO), Orthodox Church of the Protection of the Mother of God in Hańczowa.

Kornuty Nature Reserve - protects unusual, legendary rock formations.

Magura National Park - these are the most beautiful parts of the Low Beskids.

Klimkówka - a dam reservoir on the Ropa river with many recreational attractions.

Szymbark - the Renaissance Kasztel, the Open-Air Museum of Pogórzańska Village and the historic Church of St. Wojciech.

Grybów - the historic market square, the neo-Gothic Minor Basilica, reconstruction of the medieval castle. Zagroda Maziarska in Łoś - an ethnographic open-air museum presenting the history of maziar production and the life of the Lemkos.

Łemkowska Zagroda Edukacyjna Gładyszów - is a place where you can get to know the culture of the Lemkos. The host himself shows you around. There are also workshops and tastings of regional dishes.

Hucul Horse Stud Gładyszów - stud with Hucul horses. You can go for a rally, and in winter for a sleigh ride. There is also a regional inn here.

Gorlice - the historic market square and PTTK museum dedicated to the First World War and the Battle of Gorlice.   
Oil Museum on Magdalenka - crude oil has long been a great treasure of the region.

Holy Mountain Jawor - a place of Marian apparitions, a sacred place recognized by the Orthodox, there is the Church of the Protection of the Mother of God.


The Beskid Niski itself is unique. These are the wildest mountains in Poland, visited by a small number of tourists, they are heavily forested and low - you will not find many places with panoramic views here, but the hiking in the local forests is equally interesting. Beskid Niski hides many amazing places related to Lemkos and the First and Second World War. In the forest glades, you can see the foundations of an old cottage or a post-war cemetery. It is also worth getting to know the culture of the Lemkos. It is an extremely interesting group that once inhabited these areas in large numbers, and after the post-war displacements their villages were almost completely deserted. Today, the Lemko culture is reviving, various festivals, workshops and concerts are organized in the region!

Wysowa-Zdrój health resort

The natural wealth of the commune is mineral waters - they are used in the treatment of various diseases. In Wysowa-Zdrój, diseases of the digestive system, respiratory tract diseases, diabetes, obesity, urinary tract diseases and orthopedic and traumatic diseases are treated. Among the treatments recommended in   the spa always has mineral water drinking and baths. In addition, the spa offers many treatments tailored to specific diseases, including: physiotherapy, mud compresses, massages, inhalations, light therapy, thermotherapy and electrotherapy. Climate treatment is also of great importance. Doctors often recommend walking in the surrounding forests.

Valuable advice
  • The region is interesting at any time of the year, and the big advantage is that there are not too many tourists here.
  • In winter, you can participate in sleigh rides and Lemko feasts, and do winter sports, and in warmer months, go to the festivals organized here, among others in July for the Lemkowska Watra festival in Zdynia, and in September for the Rydz Festival in Wysowa-Zdrój
  • In the region you will find many climatic agritourism
  • Beskid Niski are small towns where there may be a shortage of ATMs and the possibility of paying by card, it is worth having cash.
  • It is worth taking with you trekking sticks - there are many beautiful trails of varying difficulty here. Also take a comfortable, sporty outfit with you.
  • In summer, you do not have to worry about the heat, because the heavily forested Low Beskids are the most pleasant then.


Interesting places

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