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What is worth knowing about Szczawnica?

Szczawnica is a village situated on the Grajcarek stream that separates the Beskid Sądecki from the Pieniny Mountains. Although a large part of the city lies in the Beskid Mountains, the geological structure and the topography resemble the Pieniny Mountains, especially in those places from which Szczawnica waters gush. It is the waters called sorrel by the highlanders (hence the name of the city) that Szczawnica owes its spa function. The symbol of the city is also the Dunajec - a mountain river that forms a beautiful gorge in Pieniny. The charm of the city consists of Pieniny nature and architecture reminiscent of Swiss resorts. Szczawnica, one of the most beautiful Polish health resorts, was made by Józef Szalay - the most famous owner of the city.

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On the way to Szczawnica

Rabka Zdrój - a health resort dedicated to children. There is the Rabkoland Amusement Park and the Museum of Highlanders and Zbójników.

Chabówka - a village with an open-air railway museum. Retro trains run from here occasionally.

Nowy Targ - a town in the Podhale region with a beautiful church of Saint Anna, a regional market and delicious ice cream!

Ludźmierz - the Sanctuary of Our Lady, Queen of Podhale.

Łopuszna - a village in Podhale with the House of Remembrance of Fr. Józef Tischner.

Grywałd - the wooden church of St. Martin from the 15th century (Wooden Architecture Trail).

Krościenko nad Dunajcem - a town at the junction of the Pieniny, Gorce and Beskid Sądecki mountains.

What is worth seeing and experiencing

Palenica - not too high peak, to which the cable car leads. There are beautiful views from the top and there are many attractions, both winter and summer, and dining options.

Promenade over Grajcarek - a beautiful promenade leading over the stream among the peaks of Pieniny.

Spa buildings - beautiful architecture, typical of Szczawnica, visible in many buildings, e.g. the wooden Englander villa.

Dietla Square - the most important facilities of the spa are situated next to it - Dom Zdrojowy or Pump Room of "Jan".

Rafting on the Dunajec - this is one of the city's greatest attractions, the rafting is led by a real Rafter.

The path along the Dunajec - leads to the Slovak border, to the Red Monastery. On the way, you can see the Nature Pavilion. Accessible for pedestrians and cyclists.

Pieniny National Park - amazing nature and geology. Beautiful Trails lead to Trzy Korony, Sokolica, through the Szopka Gorge, or to the Castle of St. Kinga.

Pieniny Museum - it is worth seeing the exhibition devoted to the history of the health resort and Pieniny highlanders.

Jaworki and Szlachtowa - these are the westernmost villages inhabited by the Lemkos. The Pieniny Museum is located in Szlachtowa. From both places there are trails to the Małe Pieniny and Nature Reserves.

Homole Gorge - one of the most beautiful Reserves in the Pieniny Mountains.

Małe Pieniny - the Pieniny range stretching east of Szczawnica, with the highest peak in Pieniny - Wysoka. From here you can enjoy beautiful views of the Pieniny National Park.

Biała Woda Reserve - is a reserve protecting beautiful rock formations and the remains of the Lemkos living here.

The Spiš Pieniny - it is the lowest and the most peaceful part of the Pieniny with very idyllic landscapes.


There are many unique things in Szczawnica. It is necessary to take a closer look at the architecture of Szczawnica, thanks to which the spa is compared to Swiss resorts. You must also get to know the Pieniny highlanders. Although they draw on the traditions of Podhale and Spiš, they have developed their own unique culture over the centuries. It is worth seeing the exhibition in the Pieniny Museum and going to one of the numerous regional events or getting to know a real rafter on a rafting down the Dunajec River. You must also experience the proximity of the Pieniny nature. Szczawnica borders on the Pieniny National Park, which is filled with various species of plants and animals. It is worth going on a trail, not necessarily the most popular one, to admire colorful flowers, herbs and other plants.

Szczawnica health resort

There are bicarbonate - chloride - sodium - iodine, bromide and boron waters in Szczawnica. Mainly respiratory diseases (including allergies, asthma or chronic inflammation of the respiratory tract) and diseases of the locomotor system (spine diseases, rheumatic diseases, arthritis) are treated here. It is recommended to drink water from numerous springs, baths, inhalations as well as paraffin and peloid wraps are also popular. The treatments also include physiotherapy, cryotherapy and climatotherapy, i.e. treatment with a mountain climate. It is the climate of the Pieniny Mountains and their nature that make the spa popular. Depending on the state of health, it is recommended to walk along the Pieniny paths or even stay in the Spa Park.

Valuable advice


  • In Szczawnica you can find various attractions all year round! In winter, it is worth taking advantage of winter sports, and in summer - water sports and the charms of mountain hiking. High season is definitely winter and summer. However, the Pieniny Mountains are also attractive in spring, when colorful flowers bloom, and in autumn, when the mountains turn golden.
  • Szczawnica is situated in the mountains. So don't forget to take sports clothes and comfortable shoes with you. When going to numerous concerts and cultural events, you will also need something more elegant.
  • It is worth taking trekking poles or a bicycle with you, or think about renting such equipment.
  • The Pieniny Mountains are mountains frequented by both locals and visitors, it is worth considering less popular routes or going to the mountains in the middle of the week.


Interesting places

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